by Gerard Stolk en route Many musicians play with a bassist the same technique as they play solo, theoretically, this really is wrong. You are able to do it sometimes but you must ‘pick your spots’. Personally I don’t like this kind of playing. If your left hand plays the […]

Piano Accompaniment

by Michele Di Sei Change is inevitable in lifetime due to continual innovations. This really is possibly why a lot of individuals today obsessively take images of everything. Whenever somebody sees anything value taking a pic of, they immediately search for a camera in an effort to maintain when. Admittedly, […]

Appreciating History through History

Benjamin Clark is the Curator of Education for the Oklahoma Museum of History. Benjamin wrote this exclusive and very interesting article for us. He retains copyright of the first image and the text, of course. The second image is in the public domain. My personal collection of book trade ephemera […]

My personal collection of book trade ephemera