by susanvg The Magic Flute was Mozart’s final opera. It was written in 1791, the year of his death. It was first performed at the Theater auf der Weiden in Vienna. How The Magic Flute Came About The idea for The Magic Flute came about as a result of the […]

Die Zauberflote – The Magic Flute

by Gerard Stolk en route Many musicians play with a bassist the same technique as they play solo, theoretically, this really is wrong. You are able to do it sometimes but you must ‘pick your spots’. Personally I don’t like this kind of playing. If your left hand plays the […]

Piano Accompaniment

Photo by MakadakaMusic is utilized for different items. It is employed for exercising, dance, calming, and even praising God. When folks are happy they hear to anything with an up beat. When they are sad or lonely they hear to slow tunes. When somebody would like to enjoy they hear […]

Music And What It Means To Us