Pop music

by 28misguidedsouls One of the distinctive cultures for which the US is favored all around the world is its fondness for pop music. A few of us refer to the elder expression ‘popular music’ from where the abbreviation got into existence. USA has a conventional trend of pop music with […]

US Pop Music and the Pop Culture

Keyboarding is a beautiful talent to possess as well as the ability to play perfectly is of benefit in almost any region of music. It is an perfect instrument for a novice and you are able to figure out how to play keyboard on your or with a instructor. A […]

Ideas On How You Can Learn To Play Keyboard

When you have effectively learned chords and scales, you’ll better be capable to master playing the piano and additional instruments. This really is because because shortly because you learn the standard musical chords, you are able to play music on any instrument including the keyboard, guitar, together with different stringed […]

So What Can A Free Piano Chord Chart Do For ...

I’ve been asked why there is no music reviews section. Well, if you search my name on Google.com, you’ll find many pages (in English and Italian languages) that talk about my music works or music albums. So, I don’t want to put a complete list of the links, but anyway […]

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