The Great Age of Discovery

Extent of Silk Route/Silk Road. Red is land ro...

Extent of Silk Route/Silk Road. Red is land route and the blue is the sea/water route. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The remarkable Age of Discovery stretched within the mid-fifteenth century to the late sixteenth. This really is the era when European sailors set out to explore the excellent oceans for the first-time.

It is difficult for us to imagine how frightening and courageous this need been. As you may imagine, their learning of geography as well as the environment were only a bit less advanced than now. For something, many persons thought the Indian Ocean became a giant inland sea and not associated to the Atlantic Ocean.

The oceans were nonetheless though to contain great sea creatures like dragons and sea monsters. And the seas allegedly contained big holes in water that might suck a ship right down to the bottom.

One thing they did understand, at smallest the educated and those that sailed the seas for a living, is the fact that the globe was round. Believe it or not, this truth had been acknowledged since historic instances by numerous civilizations, like the Egyptians, Greeks and Chinese.

The just thing they had incorrect is the scale of the world. They underestimated the size and style by a lot. This really is why Christopher Columbus believed that he had sailed well-defined all over the world and landed in India. He and alternative explorers couldn’t conceive of the Earth having a-whole-nother side they had not enjoyed.

By the means, despite sailing to the modern globe 3 separate occasions and not when seeing anything resembling India, Ol’ Chris went to his grave nonetheless believing he had landed in India and not recognizing he had noticed (rediscovered?) 2 unique continents.

Several alternative explorers, sailors and ships produced the journey for this unique land before Amerigo Vespucci created the bold claim it was he who had noticed the fresh globe and called it after himself. Somehow, it stuck. It pays to talk up, I guess.

The Portuguese maps of the time were the right in Europe and were selected by many sailors of every country. The Portuguese. Sheesh.

Scurvy was the largest killer of sailors during the Age of Discovery. It will be many years before it was shown to be caused by vitamin C deficiency. When this was recognized, the British Navy began providing their sailors with lemons, but these rotted too swiftly so that they flipped to limes — offering the British sailors their nonetheless utilized nickname, “Limeys” and Britain the many effective navy and largest empire in the planet. Amazing what you are able to accomplish when 1/2 to 3/4 of the sailors don’t die on every trip.

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