The Greatest Tony Scott Directed Movies In His Career

Photo by GreyArea
Tony Scott is regarded as the greater action directors in the game now. He clearly has a distinct style; it happens to be simple to know a Tony Scott movie. He additionally looks to have an affinity for certain stars. Denzel Washington looks to be his favorite, while he moreover enjoys creating films with Gene Hackman.

This post can discuss what I consider to function as the biggest Tony Scott movies of his job.

True Romance is 1 movie that absolutely makes the cut for me. This really is the most underrated movies within the early nineties and for me, the greatest Christian Slater movie of his job.

Another desirable movie guided by Tony Scott is Man On Fire. This film is conveniently 1 of my favorite Denzel Washington movies and among the greater action films of the previous several years. It is based on a true story, which not hurts either.

Crimson Tide is another awesome Tony Scott movie. Like Man On Fire, this film additionally stars Denzel Washington. Gene Hackman plays a controversial character in this movie and this film is because suspenseful because any movie I have watched in latest memory.

The Last Boy Scout is another interesting movie that occurs to be guided by Tony Scott. I became a small young to totally appreciate this movie when I saw it for the first-time, but upon viewing it again newly, I realized that is a awesome film.

The final film on this list is Top Gun. Top Gun really defined the late 80s action film. This movie stars Tom Cruise, Val Kilmer, and whoever that man is who played Goose.

After you go through his catalog, it really is well-defined that Tony Scott is an accomplished director and has had his fair share of amazing films.

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