The Oceania Culture

The history of Oceania pertains to the general history of New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Australia and Fiji among alternative Pacific island nations. Among the Oceania cultures, I would like to remain in the Tonga culture. The kingdom of Tonga is located at the west of the International Date Line in the eastern piece of Fiji. One element that makes this culture special is the fact that it really is truly the only Polynesian nation which was not colonized by the Europeans. Additionally, this culture is truly the only monarchy culture in the Pacific Ocean.  Basically, the truth that this culture wasn’t colonized has not affected its development but somewhat has aided in preserving the conventional or famous developments of the culture. A point value noting is the fact that, the kinship ties of the culture places ladies at a more privileged position in comparison to guys meaning a guy is outranked by his sister irrespective of his age in accordance to hers.  As a result of the it becomes a taboo for a guy and his sister to be in the same space all alone.

The cultural development of the community has interested several individuals to research about them. In this case, there were developments in operating arts incredibly in poetry, music and dance that have reached a fairly significant level. Additionally, the art of crafting and weapon creating has been termed distinctive among the Tongan. Further, the aspect of architecture, agriculture and organic medication has been the core of the Tongan ethnoscience traditions.  On the different hand, this culture has developed in terms of bodily competitive sports like wrestling, diving, running and javelin throwing. The alternative reason why I like this culture is that they are effectively experienced seafarers who have a great deal of abilities in navigation. It is of value to note that, the aspects of racism and discrimination are quite modern to the Tongans. In this case, this has been introduced by those Tongans who leave this culture and travel to different nations with multicultural communities like Australia.

There are numerous visual arts among the Oceania culture which were distinctive to the different cultures. In this case, the visual arts prepared have diverse histories among these folks. One of the many notable visual arts among these cultures is the canoe. As indicated earlier, nearly all of the Oceania individuals are best well-known as seafarers and sea navigators. This concept caused their experiences in creating canoe.  In countless cultures like the Tonga, the building of canoe was men’s work.  The art of canoe largely captures the essence of Oceania because the builders were a lot experienced. It ought to be noted that the Fiji culture was largely acknowledged for building big canoes from log. Canoes were of different models according to their uses. In this case, the easy popaos were dug out canoes that have been employed by the Tonga for daily utilize.  The Drua is 1 kind of canoe that is many elaborate and gorgeous in the Oceania culture which was initially a product of human sacrifice. Additionally, this canoe was acknowledged for its aspects of inspiring worry and awe. In the Oceania culture, there were frequent sea battles that used canoe.  It ought to be noted that, different canoes were selected for different reasons an aspect that has attracted a great deal of interests in the visual arts of the Oceania culture. A good illustration is the Camakau canoe of the Fiji which was utilized for fishing and tiny transportation reasons. Importantly, all the canoes build had synonymous designs but different models and reasons. The most crucial aspect of canoe building is they indicated a sense of development in the Oceania culture. In times of war the canoes created purposely for war were helpful bearing in your mind that the Oceania cultures were recognised as best seafarers and navigators.

On the different hand, there are different philosophies and religions of the Oceania persons. In this case, different cultures had different religions and philosophies which included; Melanesian, Micronesian, Polynesian, and Aborigine.  I will be interested in practicing the Polynesian religions as it is very based on experience but not belief. The Tonga individuals and the Fiji culture practice this religion. The many interesting information regarding this religion is the gods and spirits concerned in this religion in the human beings who have died and have assumed 1 or various types. The aspect of believing in existence after death is prominent in this religion where a individual soon before death will see his/her relatives who pray for his/her soul to have a lucrative journey to the land of the dead.

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