The Paradox Philosophy

It was when attributed to Joe Hunt, co-founder of the infamous Billionaire Boys Club that, in a nutshell Lie when its to your benefit. A pundit swiftly coined this The Paradox Philosophy.

Surely the pundit not personally conversed with all the Billionaire Boys Club alumnus, but I have.

It’s mostly unreasonable to think that any single individual may come up with all the so-called Paradox Philosophy, yet find himself sitting in the prison chapel of the level 4 maximum protection prison serving numerous lifetime sentences. No, just the really effective and really intellectual kinds could come up with such an idea. (Some of them have even persuaded the whole planet that they are total nincompoops, piece of what the Paradox Philosophy is about).

The stakes would need to be huge, and those employing the Philosophy would need to be bold enough and fearless enough to blatantly impose the ideology despite its over contradictions and inherently dangerous nature toward humanity as a whole.

Only a President of the United States of American and his close constituents may pull this off and not end up in prison.

Consider that the following wars were and are deeply influenced and guided by The Paradox Philosophy; The war on Poverty (U.S.

President Lyndon Baines Johnson, 1963-69), The war on Drugs (U.S. President Ronald Wilson Reagan, 1981-89), The war on Terrorism (U.S. President George W. Bush, 2001-present).

None of these so-called wars were ever intended to be won e.g. delivering about complete annihilation or total suppression of the enemy.

Arguably, poverty, drugs (illegal and legal), and terrorism are the enemy of all mankind. I’ve come to reason, as I’m certain many U.S. residents have, that our government either cannot beat the enemy[ies], or never desire to. It’s more probably that our leaders lack the desire.

In a 1964 essay by George Orwell titled Politics and the English Language there is found a description of 4 methods truth is shrouded in cocoons of debased speech by the perpetrators of fatal political action:

Pretentious diction;
Verbal false limbs;
Dying metaphors; and
Meaningless vocabulary

It appears obvious that we, as a country, enjoy being lied to by our leaders in government. Did any really believe, then, or today, that LBJ really intended to launch a genuine attack on poverty in the U.S., and more incredibly, win?

In fact, absent the pretentious diction, verbal false limbs, dying metaphors, and meaningless vocabulary, it absolutely appears (in retrospect) that President Johnson did actually intend to launch and win a war. But the war was not a war against poverty. The war was from the idea of poverty. Two surprisingly different wars.

What the Commander-in-Chief certainly intended was for poverty to no longer be labeled as poverty. Oh yes, it might nonetheless exist, and it does. But usually we refer to ourselves as upper, center, or lover class residents of the nation.

The word poverty doesn’t even should happen in civil discussions. We see it, we label it as anything different than just what it is, and viola! The war is won.

The Great Communicator Ronald W. Reagan! Let’s not talk about Reaganomics or the Star Wars Strategic Defense System. Let’s stick to what we understand to have been a blatant but gorgeous lie; The War on Drugs.

We would all like to believe in the need of the war on drugs, and the imperativeness of it being soundly and decidedly won. That is, everyone but previous President Ronald Reagan and his group who helped cook up the idea.

How does on propose to win a war on drugs when the incorrect enemy has been fought? The main war ought to be at our borders, period. If the drugs were stopped at the borders (or ideally before achieving and breaching our borders) theoretically all remaining illicit and illegal drugs in the U.S. would eventually dry up i.e. run out.

But what has occurred since the Gipper waged war on drugs in this nation? Mostly street level drug consumers and drug sellers have been put into jails and prisons engorging the penal program.

The gargantuan quantities of drugs continue to come into the U.S. on planes, underground, on ships, and many types of mules.

It’s not all bad though. I’m no pessimist. Mr. Reagan, by engaging a war on drugs, countless jobs were built for the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms (ATF), and alternative newly installed agencies crafted to aid fight the war on drugs.

We all today recognize that the creation of the war on drugs was a creation of jobs paid with bloody currency and political platforms supported by the corpses of our lower class U.S. residents.

Additionally, a tidal wave of undereducated people, lacking in social abilities started filling positions of correctional officers in the U.S. prisons in the U.S. prisons being built to house the domestic enemy combatants in the war on drugs.

It can even be argued that Mr. Reagan helped the economy and families by initiating a war which was not intended to be won. The present that keeps on providing.

Finally, we have George Dubya and his war on terrorism. I may neither insult you, nor bore you with time wasted on pointing out the contradictions for this so-called war.

But there is anything which should not go unsaid.

The so-called war on terrorism will completely, certainly, not ever be won because far because the U.S. is worried. Why? We is utilizing this ploy, and additional variations, for decades to come as justification to meddle in the matters of different nations, and to methodically strip our own residents of rights guaranteed to us by the United States Constitution, and by the especially truth that we are human beings.

So, there is no victory in the war on terrorism, at least not within the standpoint of the popular guy and female.

The new planet has been forged by these fake wars of The Paradox Philosophy.

Whatever is not truism is gibberish.

War on poverty? War on drugs? War on terrorism? Gibberish.

Living behind bars twenty-three hours from twenty-four, having food transmitted through a slot in the door, and not getting send that would keep your spirits up is just piece of what Brian’s “life” currently consists of. Brian Franklin Thames describes the total mockery of justice in which he found himself the wrongful centerpiece, the procedure by which he was incarcerated, an the unyielding, undying hope of living in the free globe again.

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