The Reasons For The Cold War

1974 - B-1A
Photo by x-ray delta one
The battle that happened involving our planet’s 2 super powers, the Soviet Union as well as the USA was considered the greatest non-conflict engagement conflict in the history of the planet. It had become called the Cold War. The 2 sides both had respective allies; with all the NATO lead USA controlling Western Europe as well as the Warsaw Pact driven by the Soviet Union controlling the Eastern side of Europe.

The downfall of the USSR in 1991 concluded this battle that began instantly following The Second World War ended in 1945. During this era there was clearly almost no actual military engagement from both sides therefore the use of the term ‘cold’. But during the Vietnam and Korean Wars, although the Cold War existed, actual shots were fired; though indirectly.

Once the Japanese and Nazi armies were conquered in World War II, which left the 2 main powers, the USA as well as the USSR were left in the duel. Both sides had different types of economies in addition to the kinds of government. The Soviet Union operated a Communist government as well as the United States of America had a capitalist program and due to conflict of interest, this descended into direct rivalry.

Far from unite; both ideologies not saw face to face. The Cold War deteriorated further because the Communist values being propagated were responses to the Capitalists’ policies. With the beat of the Third Reich, the USSR held a free reign within Europe with its Allies controlling the regions that bordered the USSR to the West.

The Iron Curtain was built after Europe was separated. Soviet ideals and invasion and also actual enhancement further motivated anxiousness and insecurity in the West. With the implementation of the Truman Doctrine, the West assured military help and financial help to the countries that resisted Communism. In the early 60’s Europe was dramatically split into 2 blocks. This meant it had been a possible battlefield for looming World War III and nuclear warfare. In due course the Cold War had spread out all over the world with small nations being drawn in, creating an even better split found on the planet.

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