The Rift Warrior: Tanking Souls 1

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This Rift Warrior builds guide qualities the right builds that will assist you to dominate your game. This guide lists down the attainable Warrior Class combos for solo and group play. Rift choices the Ascended class program, in which a player has the flexibility to gain the powers and expertise of Telara’s honored dead.

An avatar will call upon 3 souls. You will have 1 foremost soul or class; and 2 different souls. You’ll gain the starter abilities of the 2 minor souls. In this Rift Warrior builds guide, you’ll understand in regards to the totally different Warrior souls and what you need to utilize relying found on the condition. Let’s first consider the different Warrior tanking classes.

Tanking Souls

Paladin – Makes employ of divine blessing and thick shield and works as a barricade in opposition to enemies. And when the timing is correct, may retaliate with devastating fury. These traits create it perfect to be a element of any tanking Rift warrior builds. Due to their thick shield reliance, this soul is your main specialization in terms of standard tanking due to its thick damage mitigation with their many shield preventing abilities. The paladin nevertheless is noted to be slow and weak towards magic.

Reaver – Makes employ of damage-over-time results to soften the target and heal himself. The Reaver is loaded with thick armor and carries a one-hand weapon along with a shield. This really is not great for solo grinding Rift Warrior builds. Forum posts recommend that the Reaver class is ideal played as element of the group..

Void Knight – Can take up hostile spells high than every additional warrior class in Rift. The proper tanking build towards casters, Void Knight’s has attack as its just weakness.

Warlord – The Warlord are not a tanking class. However it really is without question the most reactive buffers with specializations that will boost damage and healing of raid or party members whereas massively debuffing enemies.

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  • Ryan 19 April, 2011 at 1:45 pm

    This guide is horrible and most be completely outdated. Almost all lvling builds use the reaver class for the aoe heals, and warlod is easily a solid tanking soul, which can be used on different situations. The AoE threat reduction/buffs/ and probably best aoe threat spell in game.

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