The Sorceress by Michael Scott – Book Review

The Sorceress by Michael Scott is another research fiction novel within the Irish writer. If you’re a enthusiast of the entire research fiction thing and if you’re surprised at that form of stuff, you’ll possibly enjoy this book by Michael Scott. But if you’re thinking who the heck is Michael Scott that you really need to even bother to look his name up and read his book, apparently he’s completed a great deal of composing in the previous years.

Michael Scott, based found on the amount of novels and brief stories he had created, is a prolific author. And his genres are surprisingly broad, ranging from research fiction to horror to fantasy for young-adults to folklore. His initially published functions were the happen of traveling for a long time in countless components of Ireland.

He has very taken specialized interest in composing research fiction novels, and The Sorceress is the sixth payment in the series The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel.

Truthfully, there are too several fantasy and research fiction novels absolutely out in the marketplace, all concerning about wizards and sorcerers and magic and whatnot, that it’s difficult to receive excited and anticipate anything more or anything else with novels including Michael Scott’s.

The Sorceress centers about Nicholas Flamel and his adventures, saving neighbors and battling villains. The story is simply like any alternative story in almost any alternative research fiction novel, but to provide anything to Michael Scott, there are small aspects about the novel that are commendable.

For example, the novel provides characters that are either a element of history or mythology. Some of these characters that are present in the book include Gilgamesh, Witch of Endor, and naturally Nicholas Flamel himself.

If there is anything about The Sorceress to look forward to, it’s possibly merely the truth that Michael Scott has created it.

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