‘The Strokes’; Journey of Success 2

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It was 10 years ago when the Strokes place on a distinguished show at the South by Southwest music festival at the tiny Iron Cactus. After a decade-long hiatus, the band produced a triumphant return to the yearly tune advent on Thursday and conducted a free concert at the Auditorium Shores site, with all the gorgeous view of the Austin skyline in the background.The band created their onstage entrance at the tune of ‘We Will Rock You,’ but began off the proceedings with Room on Fire’s initial track ‘What Ever Happened?’ The lead singer Julian Casablancas, clutched the mic in his trademark double-handed stranglehold and crooned, ‘I wish To be forgotten/ And I don’t like to be reminded.

‘ It appeared as if he sought to convey his actual feelings by virtue of the song’s famous lines as well as the audience went mad, some even crushing the fences to receive a glimpse of their respected band. The massive arena was from the SXSW yearly traditions, but it shortly cramped up as the Strokes tried to receive into flow, highlighting the force of indie bands on masses.Someone dressed in a black leather jacket, sporting calculator view and eyewear at evening inside a closed location would look odd, but not in the case of Casablancas, who has unquestionable rockstar arrogance and not hesitates to flaunt it in front of his spell-bound fans. He ordered the audience to obey and sing together with him during the performance of ‘You Just Live Once’ and what selection did the fans have different than madly following their admired singer into the musical frenzy that followed.

He ordered the audience to obey and sing together with him during the performance of ‘You Just Live Once’ and what selection did the fans have alternative than madly following their respected singer into the musical frenzy that followed. He howled ‘New single y’all’ and unleashed their fresh track ‘Under Cover of Darkness’ off their yet to be introduced album Angels. The fresh album is scheduled for a March 22 launch and if the fanatic reaction it garnered within the fans is any kind of indication, then your album would be a smash hit.

Another significant truth is the fact that the Strokes are dropping unique information after a break of half a decade, thus there is small query that Angels will be a cash cow for the veteran indie band. Next in line was ‘You’re So Right’ which changed the show’s tone completely with its Arabian guitar sound in the chorus background.The Strokes then revisited their aged information, with everybody in sight singing every word of ‘Someday.

‘ Fabrizio Moretti’s drumming abilities were on system during ‘Juicebox’ as he flawlessly pounded the drum set in his trademark design. The succession of admirable hits was momentarily broken as the band played ‘I Can’t Win’ between, but regular service was resumed when they whipped out ‘Reptilia’ after it.The encore showcased more double dosage of the Strokes’ classics. During ‘Hard To Explain’ guitar solo, Nick Valensi touched a note thus wondrous that even Casablancas couldn’t resist, thus he applauded the guitarists splendid skill. As when to state goodbye drew close, Casablancas initiated the ‘Last Nite’- the track that laid the foundation for the group to commence their very lucrative musical journey. Sky filled up with colourful fireworks and concluded the evening that has been all about the Strokes.

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  • Keith Jones 21 September, 2012 at 1:38 pm

    Strange how a black leather jacket adds an air of mystery and danger to any great band

  • Manuel Marino
    27 September, 2012 at 8:20 pm

    hey Keith, you are right, but when a band is good is good, whatever the clothing. What music do you listen to, usually?
    Manuel Marino recently posted..The Very Best Of EnyaMy Profile

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