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Mona Lisa
Photo by JKleeman
The Mona Lisa is conveniently the world’s many well-known painting. How will thus little be recognized for certain about Leonardo da Vinci’s masterpiece?

If you have read or enjoyed The da Vinci Code (and who hasn’t?) then you have a taste of a few of the issues surrounding this masterpiece.

But with regards to The Mona Lisa, history refuses to require a hack secret author to create it interesting. What is learn and unknown about the masterpiece is every bit because interesting because any fictional story can hope to be.

Truth is Stranger Than Fiction

First off, Mona Lisa is not the name of the painting. At minimum it happens to be not the name provided into it by its painter, da Vinci.

Truth is, we don’t truly understand what he called it. He refused to provide it a name when he completed it in 1507 despite having worked on it for over 4 years.

The Italian name “Mona Lisa” — meaning Madam Lisa — was used into it by the painter Giorgio Vasari in 1550. He was his belief that the portrait was of Lisa Gherardini, young spouse of the rich Florence silk merchant.

It’s Mine, All Mine!

In a unusual move, da Vinci kept the painting for himself. Whoever commissioned the painting not received it. It’s not even recognized for certain that anybody really did commission it. Leonardo became a commercial artist who paid the bills by painting — thus this might be very a unusual move.

Records show that da Vinci took the painting with him as he journeyed and “retouched” it over and over until his death in 1519.

Great Art Lives On

After Leonardo passed away in 1519, the King of France bought the masterpiece and it stayed in the regal family until the French Revolution — some 220 years. After it was hung in its present house, The Louvre.

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  • Tom Gurney 7 April, 2012 at 6:11 am

    The Mona Lisa is certainly my favourite – thanks for blogging about it. There are a lot of paintings out there which attract controversy even hundreds of years after they were first produced.

    Something i find interesting is that Da Vinci revisited this painting several times and he obviously felt it was important to his overall career and sought perfection.

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