Todays Drum Kits – How Important Is The Drum Brand

Today’s drum producers have had the great advantage of understanding within the previous errors and successes of others, in addition to, the advancement of a lot of technological developments. Modern methods have permitted improvement in the standard of contents, glues, and even standard control tests. The ability to create amazing drums has not been better!

Today’s big name drum makers all create some certainly remarkable treatments. Some moreover create some lower price-point goods, and student-line or beginner-level goods, where certain information expense savings measures and creation techniques facilitate cheaper cost tags. But, the best line drums, generally have more meticulous craftsmanship, closer specification tolerances, and greater contents than the lower lines.

There are additionally some truly fine custom drum makers available now that create extremely good quality treatments based upon the requirements and needs of the individual customers. Their pains taking attention to fine details and completing are evidenced in their work. I have watched and heard some incredible drums from these stores.

I have been lucky to be in operating cases where I have been capable to play many different drum kits from many different producers. So I will state that in my opinion, only like cars there are some variations.


Then many firms have special shape qualities which is the truly reason you’d like to purchase their treatments over other company’s. As an example, Pearl (Reference Series) has been creating drums with different woods and different ply construction for each drum size. DW has “Timbre Matching” and “Vertical Grain” designs which appeals to numerous customers. Other businesses employ numerous woods, lug designs, metals, special models, etc. and all of the does affect the total sound characteristics. There are more options than ever and it may be perplexing to somebody prepared to purchase their dream kit.

How do you choose? I believe that like purchasing an car, the drum kit for you need to fit your demands and your playing fashion and your desired image. It must equally provide you an absolute feeling of pride and reassurance when you sit right down to play.

Additionally to models and configurations, you need to analysis the shape variations and choose what ideal matches your specialized performance needs. For instance, do you want warm mellow tone? Do you wish tons of bottom end? Do you wish many projection, or even more control? Do you need many sustain or even more moderate sustain? Some drums now are made to provide you those different sound characteristics. Choices, options, and more options.

Which maker has the counter hoops that feel and sound right to you? Which drums are easiest to tune? Which lug shape holds the tunings right? What clean attributes on this brand completely “does it” for you? The answer to these concerns would affect your options in models, and brands.


Then cosmetics are equally a consideration. Maybe cosmetics have small or nothing to do with all the sound or feel of the drums, but they do have a lot to do with how you feel when you consider your drum kit. Custom finishes, gold hardware, tube lugs, whatever these are all pretty individual options, but it could equally add a lot to the final expense. Maybe, to you, the extra expense is worthwhile. Maybe you furthermore wish To have the reassurance of the rather different look from the alternative drum kits.

Neil’s Sound Test

I remember that Neil Peart went on a quest for his perfect drum kit years ago. He decided that he would employ the 9″ x 13″ rack tom as his continual element in the initial testing for the sound characteristics of drums from the drum businesses. I don’t recognize if I would agree that drum size is the 1 for you or me to utilize as a test drum, but, Neil tried many 9″ x 13″ toms, tunings and head combinations etc., until he finally decided which organization prepared the drum that he felt sounded “best”. After that he tried their alternative drums etc. and finally produced his options. This will offer you an idea or some orderly method to weed through a few of the endless flavors a small faster, or not! Either technique, I really thought I would share that story with you.

The “right drums” is a very subjective expression. By today, you’re aware of my opinion that there are a lot of well-made, quality, wonderful sounding drums accessible now. Only you are able to weed out the ones you don’t like, and finally receive right down to a brief list of ideal possible options for you.


Some producers have greater warranties, and some have greater reputations for fast shipment of repair components. These “after sales” factors that may affect your final choice.


I believe some main guy drummers endorse certain brands because they feel that brand is “the one”. However, other drummers may endorse a brand, not merely because they create wise goods, and because they receive a great deal of free stuff along with a great deal of name recognition. I know the big businesses usually detest me for suggesting this but does it certainly matter to you that (fill in the name) plays (fill in the brand) drums? The big drum firms think it does plus they spend a great deal of income, to ensure you’ll think the same.

For instance, how different brands has Billy Cobham gone through? Or Terry or Vinnie or Bobby? Get the point? So does it matter what brand your favorite drummer playing this year?

Really, you have a mind and you have ears and you understand what sounds “good” to you, and recognize what sounds desirable to you. Isn’t a greater guide line than slick advertising?

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