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Celtic Music
by Thom C

Celtic tattoos take their history within the Celtic origin. These signs and symbols while providing us a glimpse at Celtic values are popular because much for their beauty, mysticism and because a technique for numerous to advertise Celtic history, however they are moreover common with those who like to honor and maybe take found on the meanings behind them.

Tribal tattoos

While the Celtic tattoos take found on the countless types of products worshiped, revered and appreciated in historic occasions, maybe the many purposeful of all tattoos are those that take the shape of tribal designs.

Celtic warriors didn’t go to war without tattoos, yet it is very unknown whether these were not surprisingly tattoos as we learn them now. The Latin root of the function Picts signifies ‘painted ones’ as well as the Celts adopted the same war methods of painting their bodies in the hope of daunting their enemies. To the Celts to go to battle had been a high honor indeed. They involved their enemies virtually totally nude, or at minimum with chests bare which was performed thus as another shape of intimidation, but it equally meant that they might show off their tattoos to the fullest.

The Celts utilized a Woad plant to do their tattooing. The leaves will be harvested and dried and then boiled and strained, boiled again. The end outcome became a blue viscous or wet fluid. The Celts utilized this Woad paste to tap into their skins with a needle kind of apply which forced the dye under your skin levels. The end results were strangely tattooed blue warriors.

Tribal symbols

Apart from intending to scare their opponents away, the symbols chosen by the Celts in their tribal tattoos were tailored to capture their warrior spirit, their belief, their courage and their bravery. Celtic symbolism took within the details around them, particularly animals which they encountered in their everyday lives and which they respected for their different characteristics. One tattoo yet that has been prolific amongst the warriors was the arrow. The arrow signified the meaning of ‘Celtic siblings of the arrow’ in war. The arrow symbolized individual energy in addition to energy amongst siblings, brother in this sense were those that fought and died together, symbolizing that each had the same warrior spirit because the different.

In the heat of battle, guys from different backgrounds bonded as brother. The Celtic arrow tattoo additionally means the interior strength that is required to be a lucrative warrior.

When the arrow was employed in combination with a sunlight shape, this signified the piercing energy which the historic Celts connected to the force of the sunlight.


Celtic animals symbols offered effective symbolism for the ancients and were frequently selected to depict their lifetime and their history; they were additionally employed individually by warriors as a method to depict their character or as a method to attaining the properties of that animal including courage, strength or projecting worry. The ancient Celts called upon the spirit of these animal symbols to supply these attributes.

The Celtic bull was truly revered amongst the ancients, largely for the sturdy will as well as its uncompromising and unbending difficult traits.

Bears and bear claws were associated with energy.

The lion stood for strength and nobility.

Crows and ravens were moreover associated with battle.

The horse was believed to be a signal or guidance, security and force.

The dragon signified an impossible opponent.

Griffins prepared up of element lion and piece eagle and were considered guardians and protectors of existence. They moreover depicted nobility and strength amongst their positive characteristics. The griffin tattoo was just utilized when the wearer required to attract the attention of the mightiest of Gods.

Yet animal symbols were not truly the only ones utilized. The historic spiral designs were mentioned to improve energy and confuse the enemy.

Rune symbols were furthermore utilized in tribal tattoos, for illustration the Ken Rune speaks of the fierce warrior and was used as a method to invoke the God of war for assistance during battle.

The historic Ogham symbols (Celtic lettering) were drawn upon for their strength, the Oak tree for example stood for energy and stability. The signal for the oak tree is known as a Duir as well as the druid’s believed that this signal became a vessel of cosmic stamina and when tapped it might be introduced found on the battlefield.

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