Violin Equipment Review – The Comford Shoulder Cradle Violin Shoulder Rest

The Comford Violin Shoulder Cradle is extremely different from any different shoulder rest on today’s marketplace. Instead of attaching to opposite sides of the violin with 2 sets of feet, like the favored Kun models, it has a more complex set of bendable rods that secure on both sides of the lower bout, only below the c-shaped cut-out. This location enables the Comford Cradle to sit on your collar bone, which, based on the maker, makes it a more stable, all-natural and comfortable rest.

The Comford Cradle is obtainable in a range of different models. There is the gold model, which comes in tall and medium types, and the plastic, that is equally obtainable in tall and medium models. The plastic model is considerably cheaper but is furthermore a bit lighter. The tall is quite tall — and even the medium contributes a lot of height.

There are 2 main (and I mean certainly major) issues with this rest.

The initial is the fact that it is very very thick. It appears to almost double the fat of the violin. Although the plastic model is somewhat lighter, it happens to be nonetheless the heaviest rest I have ever tested.

The 2nd main issue is the fact that this shoulder rest affects the tone of the instrument over any different rest I have evaluated. In fact, the organization claims that the rest has a hollow “resonating” chamber that sweetens, mellows, and really improves your sound. Translation: your sound becomes muffled and muted. In my opinion, it takes considerable hubris to claim that your shoulder rest really “improves” the sound of the violin. Tell that to an owner of the Stradivarius and see how much that claim comes up brief. As a matter of truth, the biggest sin a shoulder rest could commit is to affect the sound. The truth that the Comford affects the sound is and ought to be considered a shape flaw — not a benefit.

For me, this will be a shoulder rest choice of last resort — 1 to follow just after you have tried all of the others and just the Comford is comfortable for you.

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