Vocal Recording Techniques

English: A singer in front of a pop filter and...

English: A singer in front of a pop filter and AKG C4000B microphone. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Use the following techniques when recording vocals in your house studio.

Invest in advantageous microphone:

In the lengthy run, it is worthwhile to invest a small income into a good condenser microphone. There is not any greater method to capture well-defined, top quality vocals than utilizing a good quality microphone! Generally, the cost of the superior microphone begins at about $ 90 and rises.

Pop Filter:

Having a pop filter is crucial when capturing a terrific vocal performance. A pop filter is basically a screen that filters out the thick “P”, “H”, and breathing sounds that otherwise distort the recording. Pop filters are very inexpensive. There are a good 1 for around $ 20. Should you don’t have the funds or time to receive a pop filter before your upcoming recording, you are able to create a homemade pop filter. Just wear a handkerchief that covers your mouth. You don’t wish it thus thick and tight it muffles your voice and effects the way you speak, but merely enough thus it catches those unwelcome pops and splits.

Find Your Distance:

Every microphone is different. To receive the number one recording from your microphone, make sure to play about and test it out for awhile before committing to a final recording. Some microphones are fairly sensitive whereas others need you to be surprisingly close to the mic. Find a comfortable distance from your microphone that offers a advantageous amount amount of recording, well-defined vocals, and no pops or distortion. Utilize this distance as your marking point every time you record so your tracks usually have equal vocal quality!


When recording, you don’t wish To be in a big space or perhaps a area with background sound. When recording at house, or only not in a studio, the many popular kind of area to record in is a small, quiet, and shut area. This assures that there is not any background sound or additional suggestions within the surroundings.

Overdubbing, Ad-Libs, and Easy Effects:

The techniques of overdubbing and ad-libbing can definitely enhance your vocal recording. Overdubbing is when you record background vocals over top of the principal vocal section that you absolutely have recorded. The most commonly known overdubbing technique is emphasizing the last lyric and rhyming word of every line. Ad-libbing is when you record alternative background vocals that never lay straight over the key vocal recording. For instance, duplicating the last word of every line. These techniques give a more effective and full sounding vocal recording. Easy effects like compression, reverb, and echo may furthermore enhance your vocals. Adding a small reverb and slight echo makes the vocals sound bigger. These are easy effects that is found in many free software, like Audacity or GarageBand.

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