So you Wanna Make Music and Change The world?

Jonatha Brooke @ The Triple Door, Seattle, WA 8-14-09
Photo by Kirk Stauffer

What do Bob Dylan, Elvis Presley, the Beatles and Mozart all have in prevalent? And what do they have in popular with almost every alternative artist who’s creativity has changed the planet?

They’re all special.

But there is anything in widespread.

They each changed the common music of their occasions by combining absolutely common types in a brand-new technique.

Elvis – on that well-known and eventful day in Sun Studios in Memphis he allow it all loose and brought everything collectively again in a different technique… the blues, nation, gospel and territorial ingredients which were his affects in his youth all came collectively into rockabilly, rock ‘n roll, anything that had not been heard before. Elvis on Ed Sullivan alike brought together the brand new music shape and the hot medium – tv in a hot means that has influenced decades of rock icons to initially choose up their guitar.

Bob Dylan… they pulled the plug on his concert when he dared to bring out electric instruments, drums along with a backbeat to his people and protest music. But Dylan had his individual vision of his music and it contained his affects from Woody Guthrie and the last decade of rock and roll together with additional affects.. again.. he mixed common music types in a new means.

The Beatles… perfectly they set the planet on fire with their fashion and their hair cuts and all that. The Beatles on Ed Sullivan – nevertheless absolutely among the terrific moments in rock and tv history. But are you aware that in the mid 60’s they didnt launch a CD for almost 2 years after which came out with Sgt Pepper – the orchestation, song structure and the delivering together of ingredients in a totally new means is what prepared history.

Mozart? Well, see the desirable film, Amadeus, and you’ll know much better than I will illustrate here. But it is actually another case in point.

Another 1 that may be stated here is Johnny Cash. As Bruce Springsteen mentioned (not a precise quote)… Johnny Cash broke down barriers to correspondence and creative kinds and, not only did he break those barriers down, but he showed why it’s significant to do thus. Cash’s music consists of many ingredients brought together for the very first time in many components of his profession.

So the point…? If you want to create music that changes the planet, don’t only become the newest child found on the block, the latest rapper in the hood, the newest rocker in the backstreet clubs. Do something that hasn’t been accomplished before by combining ingredients that are currently favored in a unique and creative method.

Maybe this distinctive combining of alternative art types is really impactful because it aligns with all the derivation of the term “art” itself. The derivation of the term art basically signifies… to join together.

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