What Gives a Violin Bow Value?

Over the last 5 years I have plunged into the planet of violins. One of the largest surprises to me was that the marketplace for violin bows is a lot different within the violin marketplace. Like violins there looks to be a marketplace for an daily practice bow and then there is a different marketplace for the individual bow. That is the 1 that the violinist may employ when he would like to play for his fun or for other people fun. The look for this bow is usually for the number one bow that the violinist may afford. It is a bit more individual and more lasting than the buy of the violin. A musician might keep a bow through the purchasing and marketing of many violins.

A superior bow has 4 characteristics that I will identify. The initial is standard construction. The lumber of choice is Pernambuco aka Brazilwood. It is noted for the color, its lightness and it refuses to warp over time. If the machine of the violin bow makes the effort to utilize the greatest lumber, the shaft of the bow is virtually constantly six sided.

By lightness of the bow the reference is virtually to the fat. Many good quality bows are between 56 and 64 grams. This really is a weight that wise violinists find many comfortable. It is a standard in both contemporary and classic violin bows.

The different technical aspect is the balance of the bow. Many good quality bows have a silver or whale bone wrap really above the frog found on the shaft for balance. It gives the bow a good look too.

The history of the bow looks to have a big impact on reflecting standard and therefore shows up in the pricing. Three of the names that are effectively learn in the planet of classic violin bows are Tourte, Lupot and W E Hill and Sons. Hill bows illustrate ideal what makes classic bows useful.

To this day the firm is noted for producing the greatest standard violin bows. Antique samples of these bows have small marks and symbols found on the frog, found on the shaft and under the tip that identify which staff produced which piece that has been then assembled into the bow. There is a book that reports the complete history of who was employed by this firm and what components he produced from what year to what year.

Quality bows withstand the test of time. It is a very easy instrument that has 1 fatal flaw. It warps. A bow has camber, the all-natural bowing that maintains the tension found on the horse hair. But, the wide most of bows can warp laterally over time. By that I mean that when you place the frog to your nose and you look down the bow it may bend to the proper or left a little or very dramatically. Any warp of the type reduces that value of the bow.

So what offers a violin bow value? Like everything in this globe it is very the forces of supply and need. The need for standard violin bows increases with all the continual heighten in superior violinists. But, many violin bows never survive the test of time. There is a quite limited supply of standard vintage violin bows and it might not strengthen. This really is synonymous to the truth of vintage violins. However, supply is more limited for vintage bows than for vintage violins. People who do have a standard classic violin bow are less probably to place it available so supply is limited as a result of that. The second piece of the equation is the fact that fewer classic bows survived. In our collection we had over 60 violins. Almost without exception, each of them was in a case with a bow. We were capable to repair 50 of the violins. Just 4 bows were in adequate form to conserve. Those that we selected to market were available in a heartbeat. I think that we may have gotten an even greater cost than we did thus we have a couple of extremely happy customers. So should you are searching for a superior violin bow, anticipate to pay a handsome cost but it really is a life investment.

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