What Happened to the LOST Videogame?

Whatever occurred to the awaited LOST movie game? Rumor has it that the development movie game entirely based found on the hit tv series LOST, that is being produced by UBISoft’s Montreal studio, has been put on hold for the time being. However, there hasn’t been an official announcement on when and why it was temporarily ceased and when it is continued. In truth, the last information about the movie game was a test adaptation has been demoed to manufacturers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse plus they were happy with what UBISoft has completed.

The July/August problem of the official LOST magazine featured a tidbit comment by the manufacturers found on the evasive game. In the Questions and Answers section, a enthusiast wrote in and asked how the game was lookin along with a truly enthusiastic Lindelof replied, “From what I have watched? Ridiculously AWESOME!” Before that small part of info came to publication, Lindelof and Cuse equally gave positive critiques of the part of playable footage they were shown by the programmers found on the producers’ April 16th, 2007 podcast.

As for game content and storyline, Lindelof and Cuse gave some info on that proper here in my conversation with them in March. Lidelof commented found on the game’s story and mentioned, “We pitched them a concept for the game and they’re basically going to run with it but I think much in the same technique that the Star Wars initially individual shooter games worked, where you’re modern characters exploring synonymous conditions in the films that you absolutely understand.”

The movie game could represent either an alternate fact or perhaps a prequel to the occasions of the show, judging by a few of the places fans may anticipate to find. Cuse added in the interview it was potential that the fans will see a glimpse of the Swan hatch again, which was (famously) ruined in the next season finale.

A cause for the silence found on the game’s changes may be that despite the reality UBISoft has the license to the game, ABC/Disney nevertheless has the last state on promotion of the game since prominent promotion of the game does dovetail with advertising efforts of the brand as a entire. Bottomline is when information does come out about the game, make sure the fans catch it.

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