PRS Guitars?

25th Anniversary Modern Eagle III
Photo by John Grabowski
The PRS guitar has been around since the mid eighties, and that’s lengthy enough for it to be an immediately recognisable brand. The gleaming maple finish on these models create them among the more fabulous guitars you are able to purchase too, standing out compared to the more downplayed glamour of different classics like the Stratocaster or Les Paul. With a more affordable range of PRS SEs on provide too, there’s more an more cause to select this brilliant shape.

The PRS grew within the passion of luthier Paul Reed Smith. He sought to create guitars of his own devising that used breathtaking woods and offered better access to the high frets. His firm was founded in 1985, at a time when artists were truly appreciating the bottom of the fret board, as well as the special, additional cut-away shape gave them what they sought. It wasn’t all plain sailing for the business, with Gibson filing a suit up against the strong body guitars to be too synonymous to their Les Paul specials (until this was dismissed as anything just an ‘idiot’ might mistake).

A notable recommend of PRS guitars is Santana, whose own custom model, 24 fret PRS is today the most distinguished they provide. He also offers his name connected to many of the pickup kinds that PRS personally manufactures. This really is typical of the intricate devotion of the manufacturing of PRSs – each component, within the artificial nut, to the windings of the pickups, is produced by PRS producers. Aesthetically this attention to detail is ideal represented in the lumber finish of the guitars. Most commonly mahogany is utilized as a base, with maple on top. The maple is glazed to create the ‘3D’ look that defines the instrument.

For individuals that are worried about investing a big amount cash in a guitar but nevertheless wish the experience of playing a PRS there’s the PRS SE. These are the same designs as the standard guitar, but yielded with a Korean producer with some Korean components. The aim is to emulate the PRS on every level, but to furthermore provide more affordable materials.

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