Why play electronic drums?

Drummers are occasionally a bit stuck in their techniques – drums ought to be made from lumber, cymbals ought to be round and made from bronze etc but at the finish of your day are we because drummers today going through what guitar players or pianists went through when electrical guitars or synthesizers came out. I believe we could embrace the technologies not shy away from it as whatever you might think electronic kits are here to remain.

So, what are the pros? Firstly the sounds on electrical kits now are 2nd to none – you’d have to invest a considerable amount on an acoustic kit to receive it sounding like the sounds on an electronic kit – anything outside the budget of many persons.

Need a brand-new set of cymbals? OK ,save your difficult earned pennies for a year or 2 and you are capable to purchase some…Or… simply press a switch on your electronic kit and hey presto a fresh set of cymbals, or perhaps a cowbell, or anything you are able to think of absolutely.

Do you reside in a flat? – not a condition – place the headphones on and practice until 3 each morning without getting 1 a sound nuisance letter within the Council.

Need to function on playing to a click or wish To play along to a track on your ipod? Not a issue – hit a switch and you have a integrated metronome or connect your ipod in and play away pretending you’re your favourite drummer.

Do you play in a covers band and want a lot of different drum sounds but don’t like to lug around a Terry Bozzio sized kit? Not a issue – you have many kits at your disposal. Record at house or in a studio without the requirement for pricey drum mics or record as a MIDI file and you are able to change the drums sounds at a later date.

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