Wyclef Jean Scraped in Haiti Gun fire 1

Wyclef Jean Secret Gig London
Photo by Craig Grobler
According to R&B singer Wyclef Jean , a loud sound of weapon fire was heard as well as the upcoming thing he realized was that he has been scrapped with a bullet . The incident took spot on Saturday evening Port-au-Prince, only a day before the scheduled Haitian Presidential election.

It was furthermore confirmed with a Haitian nationwide authorities representative that the singer was treated at a regional center for a wound; but, he selected to not check the reason of the wound.

Jean’s representative Cindy Tanenbaum informed CNN Channel that the Hips Don’t Lie-singer’s injury was minor and that he is within awesome wellness and spirits, after the incident.

The singer had earlier revealed that he suffered the injury because shortly because he came from his car to receive a greater telephone reception.

His spokesperson then mentioned that after being treated for the minor injury , Jean was enabled to leave by the physicians.

The singer refused to state anything on reports that he had been targeted by assassins, as it might puff up the happening more.

Haitian nationwide authorities representative Garry Desrosiers mentioned that Jean declined to cooperate with them and didn’t explain them the facts, which forced those to stop any further research over the matter.

Wyclef Jean has been stuck the previous some months, running the presidential mission of other musician Michel Martelly, who is up against previous initial girl Mirlande Manigat in the elections, which some believe can change the fate of the troubled Caribbean nation.

One of the Martelly Presidential campaign officials Damien Merlo played down the incident and mentioned that after a momentary break, Wyclef is back using those to persuade individuals to vote for them.

The results of the runoff elections are expected to be introduced on April 16, the election officials have announced.

Highlighting the value of the elections, Jean went because far because suggesting that the poll will be a ‘historical’ and ‘monumental’ event for the folks of Haiti, who have suffered both within the political unrest and also the 2010 mega earthquake that demolished the country’s infrastructure, in addition to declaring millions of human lives.

He also thanked the newest for creating the Haitian elections thus open and free of the pre-poll rigging. He mentioned that elements like Facebook, mobile messaging, Twitter, YouTube and online streaming have provided greatly in propelling their campaign to where it’s today.

Born in Haiti, Jean migrated with his family to the America at age of 9 , and broke on to the American music scene in the 90s with a cool hop trio called The Fugees, although he has since embarked on a solo job .

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