Timothy B Schmit Playin it Cool Rock Music CD Review

Very talented Rock artist Timothy B Schmit has introduced him newest album titled Playin It Cool and Wow! It’s certainly a wise 1.

Playin It Cool usually grab your attention proper from the gate with Playin’ It Cool and doesn’t allow go until the last note of the last track Give Me The Money, which by the method is another good track.

Playin It Cool is a nicely different, blend of 9 tracks that are well created tunes by this clearly talented artist. Many of the tunes display a great deal of the type emotion that makes for a truly excellent hear. Clearly attracting from what I may just imagine are him own real existence experiences. At different points touching found on the many real feelings like love, as well as the pain of failed relationships can be heard.

If you’re a Timothy B Schmit enthusiast this might be a CD your collection flat can not be without. In truth, this might be 1 of those CDs that you don’t even need to be a enthusiast of Schmit, or Rock to understand is advantageous. It’s just wise music. Period.

While this whole CD is great the really standout tunes are track 3 – So Much In Love, track 7 – Take A Great Look Around You, and track 9 – Give Me The Money.

My Bonus Pick, as well as the 1 that got Sore […as in "Stuck On REpeat”] is track 1 – Playin’ It Cool. Great!

Playin It Cool Release Notes:

Timothy B Schmit initially introduced Playin It Cool on July 31, 2002 found on the Wounded Bird Records label.

CD Track List Follows:

1. Playin’ It Cool 2. Lonely Girl 3. So Much In Love 4. Something’s Wrong 5. Voices 6. Wrong Number 7.

Take A Great Look Around You 8. Tell Me What You Dream 9. Give Me The Money

Playin’ It Cool Album Notes Personnel includes: Timothy B. Schmit (vocals, guitar, bass); Don Henley (vocals, drums, percussion); Carl Wilson, J.D. Souther, Rita Coolidge (vocals); Josh Leo (guitar, bass, percussion, background vocals); Joe Walsh, Steve Luthaker (guitar); Jeff Porcaro (drums, percussion).

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