New Album – Lost Island

New Album – Lost Island

I just released my new Trance music album: Lost Island. You can find it here:







and in many other digital outlets worldwide, just search in any search engine!


And if you don’t have time to search, buy, browse etc etc don’t worry. Here you can listen to the Long Edit Mix. Have a nice listen!

Let me know your ideas about it! I made a Crowd Review on ReverbNation:

Generally, listener reaction to this song was very positive. When asked to rate this song on a scale from 1 to 10, reviewers reported a 8.2 on average, which ranks this song in the 99th percentile of all songs analyzed by Crowd Review. Most listeners rated your song a 9, and did want to hear your song again after listening to it once. When reviewing your song, the most commonly selected words were music, good, nice, hear, beat. According to a sentiment analysis of those written reviews, listener comments were generally neutral. Based on the results of this study, this song is exceptional, and clearly ready for radio and promotion.

Slide Guitar Lessons

Slide Guitar Lessons

tagsPlaying the slide electric guitar is not because intimating as it may appear at first. With a little bit of understanding and some fall electric guitar lessons you will be playing really in no time. Making songs with slides has-been well-known for over a hundred many years and is a popular device among the blues artists, jazz, nation, and soul designers.

Slides are produced from material, cup, or synthetic and it’s also possible to make a slip home using the top of a glass bottle but be certain never to cut yourself in the process. In the past, musicians also utilized bones to make home-made slides.

Performers often look for having fun with a fall becoming a tad hard since they cannot mute as numerous strings therefore the item it self can feel weighted until the player gets always making music with a slide.

Among many sights online you can find no-cost fall guitar classes available through video clip and article films. Before beginning to understand tips have fun with a slip you’ll need various crucial things: an acoustic or guitar, a capo, a tuner, and also the other necessary devices had a need to play.

Guitarist need to be conscious that having fun with a slip requires the tuning to be adjusted. Tuning in standard means involves the records: (E,A,D,G,B,and E.) utilising the key of D major for an open tuning utilized the records: (D,G,D,G,B,D.) Open tuning is advised among blues performers while some guitarists don’t realize or have not heard about open tuning their particular electric guitar.

Open tuning allows club chords become played making use of a slide which can make things easier for folks that have a problem with hand strength; but, understand that using a slip produces an unusual kind of noise plus it is almost certainly not one you want to make use of constantly. It’s recommend to at the least use a slide to see if method of sliding is useful for both you and, if you prefer it, you can easily carry on after that, incorporating different ways of playing as you improve.

Famous blues performers that have made use of the slip tend to be: Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters and Eric Clapton. Sound sensible, the fall seems to work perfect for the noise manufacturing these artist choose or have looked for in past times if you’re style of choice is blues, then having fun with a slide is defiantly what you want. Keith Urban’s previous music features Kurt Lorange, a wonderful slide guitarist who initially came from Canada and today resides in Australia.

Understanding how to play the fall guitar could unveil a blues talent and trigger fun times. It is an extended trip understanding how to utilize the different variants as possible play and performing this could be best accomplished by being diligent and exercising together with your slide.

Some slip electric guitar lessons, the effect of noise of blues and ideas in electric guitars such as the tuning a double throat steel electric guitar. Learn how to tune guitars for jazz, blues or acoustic music.
You may examine right here:

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Music in Your Soul

Music in Your Soul

21 MAY is the Release day for Music in Your Soul

My latest Album is an outstanding Electronic Album with different styles and moods.

A showcase of my skills when jumping from Vangelis, Depeche Mode, Rick Wakeman, Avicii, Moby and surfing between Calvin Harris, David Guetta, The Weeknd, Martin Garrix and many other ones!

I’ll include here reviews and posts, interesting links or fans comments. So this is just an introduction.

In the meantime, listen to my latest Playlist!




Guitar Tuning – The Fast Guideline To Keeping Your Guitar Fit

Guitar Tuning – The Fast Guideline To Keeping Your Guitar Fit

Português: Gibson EDS-1275

Português: Gibson EDS-1275 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Whenever you attempt to tune an electric guitar with the piano let’s assume that these are typically just the same, you might break a guitar strings. Guitar Tuning has been done to make sure you produce the proper note in the appropriate string.

Guitar Strings varies in measurements, thus also will vary in frequencies. When you start adjusting your guitar you will see including violin are tuned in a tremendously preferred strange a number of ascending exceptional fourths and just one major 3rd.

Below are a few effortless recommendations that most useful describes Guitar Tuning. The available strings of electric guitar from thickest to thinnest are here:

E – the thickest or the lowest sounding guitar sequence is called because the 6th sequence

A – is the 5th

D – is the 4th

G – is the third

B – is the 2nd

E – the thinnest or the greatest will be the 1st

The most frequent means of tuning both Electric and Acoustic guitars – and also the one you might use whenever no other instrument or electric guitar tuner is at hand will be the Standard Guitar Tuning treatment:

Step 1: The E String

Tune underneath E, because precisely as possible. It’s likely it is usually tuned precisely, just becoming the thickest electric guitar string its the very least prone to detune set alongside the various other strings. When you yourself have another guitar perhaps a piano (which often stays in track for a long time), you can tune it toward first E below center C. for folks who have no product or device just you will need to obtain it as accurate as you can, what matters when you’re playing is the fact that guitar is within tune with it self and just about any devices you may be jamming with.

Step Two: The A String

Position 1st hand of left-hand only behind the 5th fret on the base E string. That is an A note. Maintain your little finger on that fret. Today pick the 5th and six strings in exchange, carefully modifying the 5th string tuning peg till the 2 records are identical.

Step Three: The D String

Place the very first little finger associated with left-hand just behind the fifth fret in the a string. That is the D note. Tune the 4th string (the D note) to this.

Step Four: The G-string

Position the very first hand for the left-hand behind the fifth fret from the D string. That’s the G-note. Tune your G-string to that particular note.

Action 5: The B String

Position the initial hand for the left-hand behind the forth fret (note the B sequence could be the only sequence that comes from an alternative position towards forth fret, most of the rest come from the 5th fret).

Action 6: Tuning The E String

Place the very first finger associated with the left-hand behind the fifth fret on B sequence. That is the E note.

Guitar Tuning – The Fast Guideline To Keeping Your Guitar Fit

Tend to be Blues Guitar Lessons suitable for Beginners?

English: American blues guitarist and singer J...

English: American blues guitarist and singer Joe “Guitar” Hughes in France Français : Le guitariste et chanteur de blues/R&B Joe “Guitar” Hughes aux Nancy Jazz Pulsations de 1983 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There is a large number of blues followers around that fundamentally be guitar players themselves. How previously mastering the blues isn’t always where to start for beginners. I’ve outlined three concerns to inquire about yourself if your wanting to decide whether blues guitar classes would be the best place so that you could start. After answering these three concerns genuinely yourself you’re going to be better equipped to know in which you should start.

Could you Play Chords

Right off the bat if you are unable to have fun with the standard open chords then definitely miss blues guitar lessons and look for a newbie program. The basics of this blues revolves across the 12 bar blues pattern which requires you to definitely know your basic chords.

The fundamental chords you have to know tend to be: A, B, C, D, E, F and G additionally knowing the small variations would-be helpful

This can be an art you can instruct yourself how ever before through online videos and tutorials.

Do You Understand the Guitar Neck

By understanding the throat i am talking about: what are different locations you are able to develop chords in the throat? Do understand the fret spacing between each note? They’re essential things to remember in order to effortlessly play blues chord progressions and scales in numerous keys.

Blues tracks generally follow virtually identical habits however they move the throat based exactly what secret they are becoming played in. Unless you know how to go from where you’re presently playing in Key of A to the important thing of D then you can get lost quite quickly

Have you Ever Taken Lessons Before

When you have never ever taken any guitar classes prior to, nor maybe you have also attempted to show yourself anything on the guitar then surely never begin with the blues. Simply take a couple of months of standard lessons that’ll coach you on: string names, records, chords an such like.

Once you’ve the fundamentals down you could begin translating those to the blues.

If perhaps you were wishing you could only skip the dull essentials of electric guitar and move right on into discovering the blues i am sorry to allow you down. Believe me you are going to enjoy learning blues electric guitar much more if you are equipped with the best information and abilities before starting using blues guitar lessons.