The World-wide-web Niche

The World-wide-web Niche


The worldwide economic climate has brought a beating. Millions upon huge numbers of people have lost their particular tasks, most are losing their houses, and pension portfolios are evaporating, seemingly instantly. We-all discuss the global financial tsunami, a financial disaster on a scale that draws near the truly amazing despair regarding the 1930s. Economists around the world are involved in regards to the data recovery, with regards to will happen, and exactly how long it may need. For most of us, these would seem to-be really grim economic times.

But there is one ray of hope, and it is a large one. The online world, the whole world’s largest many dynamic and robust marketplace, is thriving. Individuals every where tend to be tapping into the world wide web and using its potential, generating massive wide range and total financial protection along the way. Since it is a global marketplace that links over 1 billion men and women, the web will flourish.

No matter what the financial times we face, and especially the economic battles which our neighborhood communities are encountering, the web is a remedy since it rises most importantly of that. As it is really an international existence, it links men and women all around the globe who continue to have money and who will be nevertheless ready to invest it.

Because it is so powerful and recession proof, the Internet represents the most wonderful chance for any person worried about the recession to re-create and reinvent their financial future. On the web entrepreneurship is an extremely viable method of totally circumventing recessionary pressures. The reason being the web economy is so powerful. A year ago in the usa alone, the world-wide-web itself generated very nearly two hundred dollars billion in e-commerce.

Even for some body without any experience with Internet marketing, learning just how to conduct business on the net is easy. There are a number of opportunities offering turnkey solutions for starting an online marketing enterprise, and therefore can change perhaps the latest beginner into a seasoned online veteran in a relatively short time of time. Anyone who can be involved towards ramifications of the recession absolutely need to take into account the online universe as a choice. Besides everything else, additionally supplying a lucrative and secure economic future, marketing on the Internet can also be enjoyable.

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Why I Love Online Shopping

Why I Love Online Shopping

tmartThe explosive growth of the Internet makes it easier than ever to shop for an amazing assortment of products from around the world. However, it can be hard to know just where to look to find the best deals while online shopping.

Before going online shopping at any online retailer, do a quick search for promotional codes. Many of the big retailers often have promotions running that are not advertised on their home page. Doing a quick search for these codes will allow you to insert the code at checkout to save money.

One of the best ways to shop and save a lot is buying during the Holiday Promotions.

Considering this, I want to recommend you a great website that sells practically any cool thing you could ever imagine and need, mainly technology gadgets but also other products.

Since I’m a technologist, of course such site became one of my favourites in no time! I’m talking about and its Black Friday Sweepstakes!

There’s a $60000 coupon giveaway and you can win free cell phones!

How it works? it’s really simple: you register, join with Tmart Points (every 10 Points for a lucky draw chance. 3 chances at most per day!) and then just click start and take your chance to spin.

Winners will be notified via email. Winners can click the email link to the corresponding page and confirm the winning. Please notice, if you don’t confirm the winning you won’t get the prize!

All the shipping fee of physical goods will be paid by Tmart.

What else to say? that’s why I love shopping, there are always great sites like and you can find a way to get wonderful gadgets at very good prices or just winning them 🙂

Need a Female Singer for my Music

Need a Female Singer for my Music


Lately I’ve had my account upgraded to PRO on, the new musicians platform and community by my friend Jon Skinner.

Jon has made a great job, and the platform mainly is used for 2 things:

1- Find Music Pros for your Project
2- Find Project Work

Both these activities are free, but there is a PRO account with added options and interesting features.

Music Gateway is for artists, to get connected, get noticed and find multiple opportunities worldwide; for musicians, to get paid session work; for producers, to acquire project work and develop their career; for record labels and studios.

Let’s not forget you will find also opportunities in the TV, Film, Sync and Mastering fields. Anyway, the heart of  is the project creation page, so, let’s begin from there.

In few seconds I signed in and created a new project. Here is the project panel:

Now I just wait for pitches (proposals or bids) from a female singer and let’s see what will happen. The platform automatically sends emails to the performers, so I should receive pitches in few hours.

What I can tell you is that I’m very enthusiast of Jon project, a project that it’s having important success and will have even more success in the next weeks.

Listen to music on your mobile

Listen to music on your mobile

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The last decade has seen a huge shift in the way people enjoy their favourite music and technology has made it so much easier to enjoy all the hits on the move. As William Shakespeare once wrote in Twelfth Night, If music be the food of love, play on, the mobile music industry continues to bring listeners a new and innovative way of giving their lives a soundtrack and to listen to music.

There are multitudes of ways listeners can enjoy music on their mobiles both for free or by purchasing albums online. Mobile devices have been engineered to be able to download and play full albums, draw up playlists or sync with speakers or sound systems to create surround sound audio in your home or at work. Online stores offer mobile users the chance to purchase full albums or songs that can be enjoyed either by plugging in a headset or by using the devices speakers.

Soundtracks of mobile games have also been enhanced by the development of state-of-the-art built in speakers and sound cards and even exciting online casino games like slots at offer realistic and authentic sound effects when played. In the 80’s and 90’s walkmans played cassette tapes and Discman played CDs, then in the 2000’s iPods and mini MP3 players came along and revolutionised the music industry with their large storage capability and ability to play thousands of songs from all genres. Now, smart phones and tablet computers have eliminated the need for a separate music player and most mobile devices incorporate a full multimedia platform in their design.

The mobile generation has caused a massive shift in the music world with the need for CDs being almost completely eliminated and causing a dip in hi-fi and sound system sales. Many large music shops, including the famous UK store HMV have closed their doors as they are unable to compete with music downloads and the convenience and ease of use offered by mobile devices. You can download just about any genre online and have access to a massive library of music that would be impossible for one single store to keep in stock. The costs of music downloads are often far cheaper and in many cases bands release albums or singles for free, making new music more accessible and exciting than ever before.

Jon Skinner and Music Gateway

Jon Skinner and Music Gateway

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Manuel Marino: Today we interview Jon Skinner, Jon is a friend and also an impressive talent in the music Industry world. Jon is the mind behind a new project that will bring opportunities and contacts to musicians and producers all over the world!

1) Dear Jon, first, let’s talk about you. How your career began?

Jon Skinner: How long for you got? I’ll keep it short and sweet. From a very early age about 6 I was bought a drum kit for my birthday & loved music full stop. I recall the hand me down records I received from my dad, it was a mixture of disco, rock & a bit of classical, I loved a bit of the Three Degrees & Thin Lizzy at the age of 10 years old.

Career wise, it all started from a DJ perspective in 1987, at the age of 17, then had an opportunity to set up an independent record store in Guildford Surrey, just outside London.

It seemed like a natural progression to start producing and making records, in fact one of the store customers simply asked me if I would like to do a record, that was early ’93 and set about creating my first record label dance2 recordings.

Some highlights were Dj Supreme’s Tha Wildstyle, Mount Rushmore’s You Better & Reach & Spin’s Hyper, which I produced with Alex Ellenger & remixed the first two tracks, all of which were signed to Majors.

About 50 odd releases later I changed direction a little from house music and set up Aspect records & Perspective recordings, both drum & bass labels, however I stood true to my love of all things melody, song based and live elements, so I formed a live D&B band Pressure Rise.

A Pressure Rise album followed several singles & another album with singer / songwriter Dina Vass, before taking a break from the industry in 2006 to set up another company in the leisure industry.

2) Why you decided to create ?

JS: The need was simple, I had been in so many situations before where I wished I had access to a platform like Music Gateway, the amount of hours & money I would have saved in using a system like MG. There are so many barriers in the industry and what can be frustrating to some, is that talented people don’t always rise to the top and it can be more about who you know that how good you are. Music Gateway helps level the playing field, and provides clear opportunities across the board, rather than an elite.

3) What are your next plans for ?

JS: When I originally set down and wrote the business model, it had bells, whistles and multipurpose usage. I read a great book called REWORK, which I highly recommend you read if you are looking to start a business, it allows you to strip back the ideas and focus on priorities of the business, less is more, keep it simple & focused. So as for plans in the future, I have a shed full, but will keep these buttoned for now 🙂

4) What do you think about the music industry today?

JS: CHANGE, that’s the first word that springs to mind, it’s changed no end and still has a long way to go, there are many things still wrong with the industry in my opinion, for getting proper accounting sorted for the artists to balanced shares & splits for digital sales. The good news is, finally the majors have had their wake up call and seem to be listening for a change. The “Let’s bury our head in the sand” approach didn’t and never will work in any industry, the dinosaur fat cats are still jealous as F&%^ about Adele signing to an independent.

5) What do you think about music and technology?

JS: It’s a good that that technology can enhance and support an industry or an record produce, it will never replace a human, a feeling, a vibe or a moment of magic, but it can help with making those things happen more often. We live in such a small world these days, its time everyone started to think on a global level & a global marketplace cos its here now and the doors are wide open!

6) What can you tell us about the future of music and internet?

JS: I wouldn’t want to predict the future, but things are looking good, another word that springs to mind is opportunity, we aim to empower music professionals and aspiring talent, so things are looking good & very positive.

7) What will you do in the next months?

JS: Frankly speaking, I will be working my arse off with the launch, luckily I have a great team around me and some fantastic support & resource, but its head down all the way to launch and beyond.

MM: Thanks Jon for this great interview! You can be sure we will all be at, this huge project we are so happy you created! Have a wonderful day!

Internet: Communication Through Technology Including Video and Audio

Internet: Communication Through Technology Including Video and Audio

Who hasn’t heard about the web? Nobody! Unless, naturally, you’re living in a cave for the previous decade! The internet is the crowning achievement of the Information Age (that is what we call this age we reside in). It has completely transformed how we communicate and just how we reside.

But what is this thing we call the web? In a nutshell, the web is the interconnection of computers all over the world. It enables consumers of these computers to communicate in a range of ways: through e-mail, streaming conferencing, url info, file sharing, and others.

For you to connect to the web, you need a computer along with a connection to an ISP (Internet Service Provider). Your ISP usually offer a connection as well as the signifies to connect to the web.

The web began out as a project of ARPANET (Advanced Research Projects Agency of the US Department of Defense), which was commissioned by the Pentagon to look into the uses of networking for military reasons in 1960. From there, the web was continuously developed to benefit the entire populace.

In the beginning, the web may just chug along at a low information transfer rate. Today, ISPs provide speeds from 56 kilobytes per next to 10 megabytes per next or even more! This enables individuals to transfer more information which facilitates greater correspondence.

The web impacts thus much of our daily lives it has become indispensable to a lot of individuals and companies.

Uses of the Internet

1. E-mail – Gone are the days when folks had to wait weeks or months to get postal send! With the web, an e-mail is transmitted and reach its destination instantaneously! E-mails have prepared the planet a small destination, permitting persons split by superb ranges to correspond.

2. Instant Messaging, Chat Rooms – Services including AIM, Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger, and Skype permit persons to send messages instantaneously, much like a telephone conversation, but utilizing created messages. There are additionally “internet rooms” online facilitated by services developed for this cause. These “rooms” permit numerous consumers to chat utilizing created messages.

3. Webpages – Webpages are like internet homes online. They allow individuals to post documents online that are effortless to browse through and navigate. As time haspassed by, webpages have gained more functionality. Today you are able to download files, submit files and comments, and do all your buying online.

Webpages serve countless functions: some improve companies, some are strictly informational, and some become revenue generating cars. The web spawned what we today call e-commerce. This involves buying online. You are able to even employ online payment techniques including PayPal, Paydot and additional techniques.

4. Streaming Services and File Sharing – The web moreover enables file sharing. This lets you share files with different consumers. These files can be big or little. Streaming services let you to obtain information including radio feeds, or video feeds online.

A Brave New World

In the past, the web was limited to big organizations. Then residential web has become more affordable. Today’s technologies even enables mobile web! You may surf the web from a mobile device like a mobile, or you can surf from your computer in regions that provide Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity). The web makes instant correspondence with all the rest of the globe potential. In the upcoming several years we are going to see more.