Watercolor Painting Tricks – Sprinkling sodium

Oil Paint on Canvas

Oil Paint on Canvas (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Slightly table salt spread on wet paint creates a fragile flower-like place. Each crystal of salt chases away the pigment to create a lighter area beneath it. You can use this surface to generate a field of plants, snow, or departs on a tree. Additionally produces interest in a background or foreground in which very little else is being conducted.

Making use of salt is an experimental technique. Salt does not always work as you wish it’s going to. It requires a formula associated with the right pigment at correct moisture, and also the paper and environment to dry on proper minute. Sometimes you merely cannot predict what to anticipate, and that is 1 / 2 the fun. However if you employ the next steps, you really need to get a fascinating be a consequence of sodium. Cross your fingers and rehearse.

Try sodium for many surface:

1. Get some 5-x-7-inch watercolor report and damp it with uncontaminated water.

2. Position the artwork on a set surface, and paint the area for which you desire to use the salt.A number of colors enables you to see which colors work better with sodium.

3. Wait for miracle time if the paint is moist and shiny. If paint is dry, this system won’t work. If the report features puddles, afin de them off or absorb the extra liquid with a paper towel place.

4. Include the salt. Less is much more. Simply take a small pinch of salt within fingers and sprinkle some grains instead of dumping an entire shaker on your artwork.

5. Allow painting dry without disturbing the salt.

6. Brush away the sodium following the paint dries.

In the event that you apply the sodium too thickly or include it when the paint is too wet, it sometimes stick rather than brush-off when dried out. The salt wont hurt the artwork, but it can give it some genuine surface and slightly crystal glow.

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