Culture As a Soundtrack

Do you have music playing while reading this? How is your choice of music affecting how you feel now? Are you feeling relaxed and wish To read anything light? Are you moved to dance to the music? Do you read/work quicker when you hear to music with a quicker tempo? Are you somebody who sings along to the music (and understand every lyric)? Are songs with lyrics distracting when you should do work (and you play just instrumentals during those times) or is your focus the same with any sort of music?

Think of an organization’s culture as a online soundtrack of the work environment. It’s constantly playing in the background in a continuous loop (whether you’re actively hearing with it or not, whether you’re unconsciously mouthing the words or not, whether you’re stirred to action). It sends subliminal and direct messages to those within hearing range (remember that hearing and hearing are not the same).

That’s why the culture you choose and nurture is really significant to the best success of the company.

All the concerns I asked at the beginning have a counterpart in the work environment. Do your company’s oral communications and leadership behaviors set the tone that might give the results you wish? Are your employees energized and itching to receive from their seats and take action? Does your company’s performance rise when you introduce development that is meant to ‘speed up’ efficiency? Are you creating distractions that prevent folks from doing their right for your organization?

As with all company decisions, you need to begin with all the end in your mind. What is the most crucial thing your company must accomplish? What must result to create it thus? What values, actions, values, and traditions (culture) might assist your organization to achieve your goals? Is your culture working for you? If not, what must change?

Your company’s culture holds a great deal of energy.

Listen to what it’s suggesting. If it’s getting your business to dance, that’s superb. Otherwise, it can be time to change to a different soundtrack to employ your specific organizational culture to gain a competitive benefit.

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