Spears’ Album ‘Femme Fatale’, On Number 1 Position?

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Now Every body learn that the newest Music album by Britney Spears ‘Femme Fatale’ is a mixture and mixture of the pop and dance music , in which a slight element of sex added by the singer herself . Britney’s 2008 album Circus reached the first place on music charts virtually quickly upon its launch , Although it wasn’t advertised and hyped up like her fresh collection. The strategically introduced snippet, sneak peeks, as well as the carefully planned promo campaign signifies that Femme Fatale has absolutely reached the #1 place on iTunes, and according to industry analysts, if the same momentum is maintained, the album is quantity on all music charts by upcoming week.

Hits Daily Double Senior Editor Roy Trakin told MTV his forecasts that around 275,000 to 300,000 duplicates of Femme Fatale is available by upcoming week and although that quantity is below Britney’s label estimates, he mentioned those numbers are constantly overinflated. Trakin mentioned that considering the truth that Britney is not the premier woman pop artist of the industry today, she has nevertheless performed a advantageous job in marketing and delivering her album to its active level and her team ought to be commended for their combined efforts.

But it’s not the sales figures just that have looked impressive. The critics are moreover happy with all the standard of the content that the Oops I did it singer has added in it. The album critiques have all largely been positive, adding more credibility in the work submit by TEAM-Britney. Trakin has a sturdy belief that she might climb up the position when more and Femme Fatale can market someplace around 300,000 duplicates until upcoming week.

Recently, her main rival is British singer Adele, whose 21 has been a dominant force found on the first position in latest weeks. Britney may moreover face stiff competition from Jennifer Hudson’s I Remember Me, camped at amount 2. The album found on the entire might need to show some effort in purchase to displace Chris Brown’s F.A.M.E., that is enjoying the summit found on the album charts, while Wiz Khalifa’s first LP Rolling Papers is equally expected to create some sound, generating Femme Fatale’s function even harder.

Trakin reported that considering the marketplace condition, Britney’s latest compilation may have a desirable first week- 2nd best to just Adele’s, a outcome which he considers a extremely good showing. But, he mentioned that the actual big story of the continuous week is Wiz Khalifa’s initially studio album Rolling Papers, whose sales are expected to be in the range of 190,000 and 215,000 duplicates.

So must Britney feel threatened that her projected first place can be taken by the lanky Pittsburgh rapper? Trakin mentioned ‘no,’ as despite a fairly sturdy first, Rolling Papers would market 100,000 less duplicates than Femme Fatale.

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