The Importance of Design in the Popularity of Bass Guitars

Whilst this isn’t really the case, it has taken a extended time for the electrical bass guitar to catch up with all the standard electrical guitar in terms of shape and appearance – but that has been experiencing noticeable changes over recent years, with electrical bass guitars packing a punch because far because aesthetics are worried, and taking a fast stand centre stage.

The body of electrical bass guitars has usually been made of lumber – normally fairly difficult lumber, but in some instances graphite has additionally been utilized to create a strong, but especially lightweight guitar. Where lumber has been utilized there has usually been much range for variation, but the most common woods chosen include alder for the body, maple for the strong neck, and rosewood for the fret board. Each of these woods is lacquered to within an inch of its existence, and the all-natural gloss of the lumber with all the grain increased adds a striking impact to the instrument. But, where graphite has been chosen, a variety of colors and paint effects has been employed to create guitars in every way of visual designs.

Graphite could enable in reducing the fat of the bass guitar, but an alternative is to create a hollow bodies electrical bass guitar. Normally the idea of the hollow bodied guitar is limited to that of the acoustic guitar, but the hollow chamber achieves 2 elements – firstly it reduces the total fat, and secondly it may be selected to aid add a certain resonance to the notes, providing the guitar with a distinct voice.

The electrical bass guitar is a big instrument, and is commonly greatly longer than the standard electrical guitar. For this reason the fret board or neck is under considerable stress, so the shape has to take this into account. There is small surprise that even now, with all the many amazing materials and contents accessible, usually it’s nevertheless premium hardwoods that are selected for the necessary components of the guitar, and for an electrical bass guitar the fret board is almost constantly rosewood or maple. However, there were graphite fret boards, and even ebony.

In some situations the shape of an electrical bass guitar has relied partly found on the lumber for the appearance and strength, and partly on its especially exotic nature, with firms like Alembic notorious for utilizing exotic and unusual woods in the creation of its guitars. Cocobolo is chosen especially usually by them to create the bodies of the guitar – not for any inherent standard that adds to the music, but because it has a fantastic grain that is brought out and creates a great visual impact.

Electric bass guitars were usually the dark and somewhat bland instrument hidden at the back, alongside the drum kit, but now the electrical bass guitar is a work of art, both musically and visually, with much of the work the credit of the trees which grow the grain in such a technique that these instruments have a strikingly visual appeal that makes them stand out, and maybe it happens to be this truth that has added thus greatly to the huge interest which they control.

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