Los Angeles

City Scars – Graffiti and Fight For Urban Beauty

by apwbATTACK It is known that, art is quite objective in the wild and truly is in the attention regarding the beholder. However, more often than not, distinctions of opinion only determine individual preferences. And it’s really generally speaking agreed these private choices shouldn’t supersede the freedom which fond of […]

Learn on How to Perfectly Practice the Piano

Playing the piano demands lengthy hours of practicing particularly when a big musical event is coming. With all of the factors that are required to play the piano, 1 pretty standard yet significant thing is discussed in this particular article. One component a quantity of experts dare not forget… practice. […]

Surveying the Land of Scape 3

Taegen Carter is a movie director. He is also the owner of Mythmaker Entertainment, a company that produces shorts and features in the genres of adventure, sci-fi, thriller and drama. Taegen tells us about the production of Scape, that should be completed around June of ’09. Let’s read his words, […]

Growing Independent Film Industry in the Southeast 1

Heidi Yost wrote this exclusive article. Heidi (photo) is a talented actress. In this article, she explains Film Industry situation in the southeast, talks about her experience as artist and gives also important hints for the new actors. Growing Independent Film Industry in the Southeast When I returned home to […]

Music Geek 5

Robin Mookerjee is a songwriter obsessed with music. Is this a good thing? Or a bad thing? I can say he is a real music geek! Read his story and check his website. Music Geek I’m really a fan as much as a songwriter, but a lot of songwriters say […]

Documentary Filmmaking 2

This is a special article written for us by James N. Weber. He has worked on Socially Aware Media, especially documentaries, in South Africa, the Dominican Republic, Honduras, and Mexico, and is currently working on a project on food security in Guatemala. His work and more info can be found […]

Independent Filmmaking

We’re back with a new interview, to Actress and Producer Glorinda Marie. We talk about independent filmmaking, filmmakers, actors and movies industry. Here are some interesting links to check, after reading the interview: – Actress Website – imdb – SF Indieclub – Get Bizzzy Acting Coach Manuel Marino: “Glorinda, what […]