Latest update about site and myself

Latest update about site and myself

So, as you can imagine, so much has changed in my life in latest years. I married and continued my career as film music composer. You can have news about this here:

And I’m starting again my blog, from where I left it.

This time I will post more personal messages, less “common” topics, more personal ideas, thoughts and events.

Hope you’ll like this new direction and I thank all of you for following me during these years.  I started my Blog in October 2007. So much time has passed 🙂

Have fun and don’t forget to leave comments! 🙂

Listen to Music Online

Listen to Music Online

Many asked me to write a post about the Music Pages I’ve got in my websites, so you can easily Listen to Music Online 🙂

Ok, let’s start then.

Listen to Music Online

The first page is the Music Demos page here at

You can find it also in the top bar, title is of course Listen to Music Online.

In this page I’ve collected the latest tracks I’ve produced in 2009, mainly orchestral and film music, but there is also Astronauts and Funk Music whis is a mix of different styles, from choral to jazz, pop and funk.

Still want to listen to the music online? There is my new Official page at Manuel Marino Official, with mp3 demos and excerpts from games soundtracks I created.

You can access also to my Free Mp3 Player.

This Mp3 Player contains mixes from old tracks, mainly 1999 produced tracks, and later years.

These tracks come from my old archive of my CD’s published on in those years but there are also independent demos made just for fun and to show my talent as composer and producer.

After experience, I focused on games soundtracks and you can listen to some of them through my Studio page.

To listen to music just check the pages of the multimedia projects listed in the homepage.

Last but not least, has been totally renewed, new graphics and new design. There is also a new logo saying Blasting your mind with unique sounds.

Music Arts, Orchestra Music, Music Compositions…

Music Arts, Orchestra Music, Music Compositions…

English: Budapest (Hungary): Museum of Fine Ar...

English: Budapest (Hungary): Museum of Fine Arts Nederlands: Boedapest (Hongarije): Museum van de Beeldende Kunst Français : Budapest (Hongrie): Musée des Beaux Arts Polski: Budapeszt – Muzeum Sztuk Pięknych (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Music Arts, Orchestra Music, Music Compositions… being Artists, Fine Arts, Poetry…

In few words: Music, Arts, People and Ideas.

What links all these words together? It’s not difficult. But first let’s begin studying the term “artist”. It means “One, such as a painter, sculptor, or writer, who is able by virtue of imagination and talent or skill to create works of aesthetic value”, but also “A person whose work shows exceptional creative ability or skill”.

If we agree that whenever we have exceptional ideas and we are able to create from them a work of aesthetic value we can be considered “artists” then you know what links all those words together: creativity, the ability or power to create.

And on these pages you’ll read about Arts in general, and much about Music (my world), about Ideas and People who had them and created through them… and about You, yes about You, reader, because maybe you don’t know, but there’s an Artist somewhere, think about it… somewhere inside yourself.